Ask An Expert: Lessons in Money Mindset with Michelle Cooper

If you’re not paying yourself, its not business, its a hobby, and that’s the cold hard truth of it.

Michelle Cooper, is a money mindset coach, as well as a speaker and author – she’s also an accountant within her own accounting firm called Alchemy Advising and Mentoring; Michelle works with clients all around the world. She was mentored by Mike Michalowicz, who is the author of Profit First, she believes it’s really important that people understand, that profit matters, not revenue.

“I don’t really care, if you’ve got a 100 million dollar business, I care about how much profit did you make. There’s too many people out there, who are in business, and they’re not paying themselves. They’re living client check to client check, and they think that in order for their business to be successful, they just need one more client, or I’ve got to do this other launch, or I’ve got to buy the next investment property, and then it will be all okay. That’s not usually the case, we have to figure out why you’re not making profit right now, in your business. Everybody’s in business for different reasons, but you’re not in business to work for free.”

What do you hear as the most common, limiting beliefs, that come up when people are going through the real estate process?

Well, when I am talking with other investors, its like, “Oh well, I don’t have enough money to invest in this property. What do we do there?” Even some of the real estate investing courses I took, the stuff that coming out was, “When I was younger, I was told that money doesn’t grow on trees,’ and some of the people they want to go into real estate investing for all the right reasons, but then they struggle with money aspect of it. There’s actually only about a 5 percent success rate of people who take the courses, and actually build it into a business. So when I’m working with people on their money mindset, its a great activity, to uncover some of the deeper beliefs, is to ask the people around you, “What was it like when I was born? What was it like in our family? Did we have a lot of money, no money? What was going on, do you know?” That could be asking sibling whose older then you, or grandparents, or aunts and uncles, those kind of people who were around.
Then the most basic thing is to start with, what did you hear your parents say? “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” All of these sayings are based in fear, lack, and scarcity, and they come from a very real time in our history, there wasn’t a lot of money, there just simply wasn’t. Our grandparents, and for some of us our parents, experienced the depression, they experienced rationing, especially in the prairie provinces of North America. Where people came over from Europe, and they traveled into the central part of the country, it sounds like it was hell to be honest, right? When I talk to so many of the people, that I talk to that live in prairies, they have this mentality of having to work the land. And being in that feast or famine cycle, and that we’ve got to work really hard, we have to sacrifice and suffer, because that’s basically what their family had to do to survive. We just carry that forward, without even knowing, and some of the greatest scientific discoveries right now, are around how we carry forward genetic trauma, right? And we carry it in our DNA, in our cells, we carry these stories and these beliefs, and they are part of us. We can start to uncover them, and expose them for what they are, they’re just stories, they actually have no relevance on the world that we live in today. Which, has always been, and is extremely abundant. We live, and we operate in a field of infinite abundance, as long as we chose to lower the walls to seeing it. We build up these walls, “Oh, I’ve gotta work hard, or long hours, or I have to sacrifice, or suffer.” I had a call with a client the other day, and what we came to understand is that she actually thought, in order for me to have money, my body has to be sacrificed. I have to physically be working, or somehow my body has to be involved in this process, its really simply not true, right? It’s really about uncovering these stories, and letting them go through forgiveness, and gratitude.

Our thoughts create our reality, that is a proven thing. What you see in front of you right now, is your reality, whether that’s super awesome, or its hell on earth, that is showing up purely on the basis of your thought. Your thoughts come from your belief system, and they lead to your feelings, which leads to your actions. It’s a cycle, when you have a belief that money’s hard to make, that leads to thought of, “Oh, I’ll never have any money, because its so hard to make,” that’s crappy, that doesn’t feel good.Which leads to these feelings of crappiness, which leads to action, or non action. Not doing anything because its so hard, I can’t possibly get off the couch, and do that. It’s like digging a ditch, which leads to no money, and it’s a circle, that goes round and round., five primary drivers of our being. Not everybody likes it when I say, ‘Your reality, it’s yours based on your actions, you did it.” Really coming to terms with that, it’s not somebody else’s fault, no one is coming to rescue you, this all puts you in a very empowered position, to create your new reality, you can co-create your reality with the universe, as soon as you come to terms with the fact that you created it in the first place.

What is your top advice for money mindset?

The best piece of advice I can give to your people, is when you maintain a beautiful state of mind, you’re open to unlimited, infinite possibilities. And you don’t have to micro-manage where the money comes from, you just have to be open to it coming, and when you open that door it can come flooding in. Just be conscious, that you don’t have to know the how, you don’t have to know the what, you do have to know the why.

What types of programs or services do you offer?

I work with clients as well, in coaching situations, I offer one on one coaching, so they can work with me in business coaching. I also run a couple different programs, so I have an amazing program for 2019, called Leap, which is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs, and I’m really excited about that, its a twelve month journey that encompasses all the conscious aspects of business, works on the mindset, brings in all of the conscious tools, like meditations, tarot, numerology, Reiki.
It brings everything together, and uses the tangible dollar and cents skills that I have, to create a highly profitable business model, and so that’s really exciting, its by application, so if anybody who is watching is interested, you can message me, and we can have a conversation. However, I do offer Money Rockstars, which is a course about uncovering your limiting beliefs around money, and how to instantly get that taken care, so that you can change your reality, change your actual bank balance by doing that work. I offer, Manifest, which is a two month manifesting course, which you just went through Shawna, so you can probably speak to that. It kind of builds on the Money Rockstars, moving out the stories, but it brings into process, a ritual of manifestation, that has worked extremely well for me, using the laws of the universe, and you have co-created an entire new reality over the course of the last couple months.



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