Financing requirements for purchasing a home can often become complicated if you have issues such as bad credit, self-employment, bankruptcy, new immigration status and several other issues can affect your ability to secure financing for a home purchase.

Shaw-Roco Solutions is pleased to offer our “Homeowners Solution” program which provides excellent opportunities for new home purchasers to successfully enter the real estate market – even with bad credit or complex personal situations.

Whether you are recovering from bankruptcy, repairing your credit, self-employed, or the bank simply said “No”, Shaw-Roco Solutions may be able to help!


Rent to Own agreements is designed to create a Win-Win scenario for both the home purchaser and the financing or investment company. New homeowners are interested in securing a property which they can call their own – and financers are interested in protecting their investments.

By designing a proper Win-Win agreement, financing companies and investors can feel confident that their mortgages will be kept up to date and paid on time, while new home purchasers experience the satisfaction of living in their own home while also successfully rebuilding their credit. The combination of “pride of ownership” as well as intelligently designed contracts provides security and incentive for both parties to keep the property in excellent condition and payments up to date.

At the end of a specified term (often 2-3 years) the Rent to Own agreement will reach maturity, at which point in time the new home purchasers will have contributed to an options payment program that will go towards your option to purchase. Depending on the specific arrangement, this is usually an opportunity to access traditional financing and completely purchase the home independently. Alternatively, if something has changed with the purchaser’s situation other options may be available.


Would you like to go house shopping for a new home? With our Rent to Own agreements, it is often possible for YOU to choose the property you want to Rent to Own! While certain conditions will apply, we understand that it is in everyone’s best interests to have you move into a home that you truly love – which is perfect for YOUR situation.

Having our Homeowners working with us to select the perfect property has a large number of benefits for everyone. You can select a property that you will enjoy for several years (which is important for long-term agreements and purchasing plans) and you can even make small renovations and improvements to the home in many situations.

With the ability to choose your home, customize it to fit your needs and preferences, and begin making payments towards the final purchase of the property for yourself, Rent to Own agreements provide multiple benefits for families in many situations.


Rent to Own agreements is very popular with first time home buyers, newly immigrated Canadian citizens, self-employed business owners, and anyone who has complicated issues or difficulty obtaining traditional financing for a home purchase.

Rent to Own agreements is designed to provide a Win-Win scenario where financing companies and investors are protected, and where new home buyers can successfully enter the market and rebuild their credit ratings. At Shaw-Roco Solutions we believe in creating a long-term, sustainable approach to Win-Win arrangements and property purchases.

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